I’ve been so very hard at work on Brittaney and Nic’s wedding. I wish I could say that shooting is the toughest part of our day. But really, our post production work flow is very involved and demands so much more of us. Our style is what sets us apart and that vision doesn’t come quick. It’s a true labor of love…and a pursuit of imagination, creativity and artistic flare.

Brittaney has been a total dream bride to work with. She gave us complete artistic freedom and her only request was different, gritty, artistic and urban! Her ceremony took place at the super-cool Edison and Ford Winter Estates, she had her reception at the fabulous Veranda Restaurant and we shot her pictures in downtown Ft. Myers. The rebuilt downtown district gave us just the perfect backdrop for different, gritty and urban!

This has been by far my most creative wedding yet and I am in total LOVE with the images that we created for Brittaney and Nic. Thanks Brittaney for pushing us to the next level! More to come soon and enjoy the tease!

Brittaney shot inside the guest cottage.
Ft. Myers wedding at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates