This e-shoot for Jay and Crystal illustrates why we don’t do much studio work: with this kind of backdrop, why bother?

As it was, we were invited to shoot at the Naples Secret Garden, which is absolutely breathtaking and right away, we knew that it would be perfect for Jay and Crystal. From exquisite rock work, to beautiful streams and fountains and yep, even a mini-golf course, this place was like stepping into another world!

And Crystal and Jay, In love and it shows so very much, they made our work remarkably easy! We can’t wait for the big day…

Naples wedding photography


The first image is my favorite from the session…

Astrid and Rene Photography


The monkey…so msyterious and magical! đŸ™‚

Astrid and Rene Photography


Oh yeah they love the Mets!

Naples, Florida wedding Photography