What makes life worth living? Our children. Our family. Friends, wives and husbands. Nature, our animals, special events, every day moments, hobbies and our work……we all have special people, activities, events in our lives that make it worth living. Life is so rich and deeply woven with moments that they really are endless.

A marriage is one of those events, filled with many special moments and memories, love and anguish, anxiety and excitement. Fear and happiness and calm and a sense of being completed.

And while memories are always in our hearts and in our minds, the power of an image, to bring back that moment, that memory is…. Well I could write priceless, but it isn’t really the right word and seems like the obvious cheesy choice word.

For us, images are like little windows into the past. Images are like little time machines, taking us back, giving us that feeling in our stomach or that pain in our heart or that laughter in our belly.

And aren’t memories something we can’t really live without? Could you imagine your life without memories? Good or bad, memories are always with us. They shape us and mold us and make us who we are and help to remind us of where we have been and who we were with and what we love to do. They are so individual they are like our mind’s fingerprints…..memories.

So this is just our post to remind everyone to take lots and lot of pictures of the people around you. The people you love. The people that make your life worth living. Take pictures with those people doing the things you love to do. Take pictures with the animals that give you unconditional love. Not only will you be able to enjoy those images, but your children or friends or family members later on down the road will appreciate those memories.

So then with those words we leave you with Ingrid and Kevin’s second post from their wedding at La Playa. We love what we do. For us it’s not a job and we’ve said this before. We are making memories and how cool is it that 30 years down the road, one of our bride’s grandkid’s will be holding an image we took. An image bringing that moment back to life. Long live love and photography and congratulations to Ingrid and Kevin!! It was an honor for us to capture some of those very special and varied moments that beautiful day.

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