I have to admit that I’ve longingly stared at beautiful bridal sessions from other photographers’ whom I admire……wishing I could shoot a bridal session, living vicariously through their work!

I guess that bridal sessions aren’t really popular down here but I’m not really sure why. It seems that it’s the kind of photography session that is a lot more popular in the South (and I’m talking about the real South like Georgia and South Carolina etc.). Often times I have tried to talk my brides into getting a bridal session….the pros are endless! From testing your make up artist and hair stylist, to testing different poses to having the wonderful, fabulous and almost heavenly option of not having to rush through your bridals. It’s really wonderful. And so so much fun. You don’t have the pressures of the day and the timeline on top of you and you can really focus on getting beautiful and creative portraits! So if you are a bride, consider it!

So here’s our very first bridal session! While we aren’t new to the business of wedding photography…..10 years now, 3 on our own, 7 with a previous studio, it’s the first time we’ve had the honor to do a bridal session. And we really couldn’t have asked for a better subject! Laila got married at the Ritz Carlton here in Naples (look for her wedding real soon) and we already blogged her engagement session right here! So when the opportunity arose to do her bridals, we jumped, hollered and ran to do them!

Thanks Laila for being such a trooper…..you are absolutely beautiful and the Ritz was a perfect backdrop for you and Mathias!!

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