So it’s the end of the year almost, and the weather is cooling, Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the holidays are peeking. Thinking back to the beginning of the year and Rene and I were wondering which wedding we wanted to feature.

After featuring Laila’s bridals, we had to follow up with her wedding. I met Laila through another bride and when we first met with her and Mathias at our gallery, we were taken aback at how lovely and energizing and beautiful the chemistry between these two sparkled.

So don’t be surprised if that sparkle catches, you too. That’s what is so lovely about photography. You capture what you can see and feel and hold on to it forever. Let’s face it. We forget things and easily, too. Immortalizing feeling through images is a perfect way to live….I love photography and we hope you enjoy this first set, too.