Wow…..time really does go by fast! I can’t believe that another year is here…our third official year in business is over and we embark on a new year of living, loving and creating art!

I went back today and re-read my December/New Year post for 2009 and so much of it rings true now a year later. We are so thankful for a year full of wonderful clients who trusted us with one of their most important days in their lives. We are thankful for having wonderful friends in the industry who are always ready to lend a hand, ear or shoulder or lens if need be! And of course, we are most thankful for our mothers, family, our children and each other. Life really is only as good as the people you have in it…..and our life is rich, rich, rich.

So we just wanted to send a big heartfelt thank you to all of our family, friends old and new and to our dear clients. Thank all of you for inspiring us, challenging us, supporting us and being in our lives! We wish all of you a prosperous, healthy, happy and successful 2011!

~ Astrid and Rene ~