I really believe that people who are meant to be together somehow end up together. It doesn’t always happen to all of us…..for whatever reason some people drift through life and never get a chance to meet that other person that is a true match in spirit, personality, energy, love, passion and life!

But when you meet two people that are a true match…..you can see it. You can feel it. It’s unmistakable!

It’s in the air around them. It’s in the people that come together to share their day with them. It’s in the little details they do for one another and the things they say to each other. It’s in the way they look at each other.

We’ve seen a lot of weddings in our career…..and it’s always those days where true love is in the air that are truly electrifying for us. That energy is catchy and you can’t help but smile all day as you work alongside two people who truly belong together…..and Jill and Toby are one of those matches that are just meant to be.

And as if shooting two people who are truly in love, with amazing friends and family around them wasn’t great enough…..but getting to shoot at the Naples Grand is always a special treat. Rene and I are big fans of modern design , be it graphic or print and most definitely big fans of interior design…..so using the ultra-modern interior design of the Naples Grande in our work is always an inspiration in and of itself.

Thank you to Jill and Toby for letting us be a part of such a beautiful day. It was an honor for us to be selected to record such an important event and we both hope that these images will bring a lifetime of memories and tug at your hearts each time you look at them.