I’m so happy that our paths crossed with John and Kristen. Like other couples before them…..we were able to really feel that beautiful love between them come out in their pictures.

It’s not just about taking a picture in front of a pretty sunset or taking a picture of two people kissing or what you do to the image afterwards…..those are all the supporting roles in an image. For us, the true beauty of a great image is the love that you can capture between two people: the emotion, the feeling, the passion. A great image can speak volumes….and a great image can stir up those memories and make us smile and laugh long after that moment has passed.

And so we just wanted to thank Kristen and John for reminding us that life is such a wonderful journey and if you are able to find that special person to share it with, everything and anything is possible!

Thanks guys…..can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait until your wedding day!