As artists, we are always seeking out ways to keep our creativity fresh, invigorated, excited and motivated.

Rene and I are always looking at art, listening to new music, traveling, reading good magazines and books (yes, the ones made out of paper), studying the web, learning about new cultures and going on new culinary adventures. Creative inspiration is everywhere around us! In the smallest leaf. In the darkest storm cloud. In the beautiful design of a couch or the genius of a symphony.

All we have to do is open our eyes and ears and nose. Nature. Architecture. Music. Design. Art. It’s an abundant source of inspiration for any discipline…..and while we have a wealth of resources to turn to, our best work, for us, comes from the people that we photograph. Our clients often times provide us with the best inspiration and creative mojo!

Kristen, John and their families gave us TONS and TONS of that delicious creative mojo! From the wonderful chemistry between John and Kristen to the wonderful way Kristen’s parents made us feel like we were one of her own kids. Every step of the way we felt like part of their family and not just a hired hand.

Photography is an artform very special for both John and Kristen and their families. They value this artform and understand, that in the end, after the cake is eaten, the flowers die and the gown is put away, what we have left of special moments are our memories and our photographs.

Thank you to John and Kirsten and their parents and friends and families for the wonderful gift of inspiration and creativity they imparted to us. And for reminding us just why we love what we do and why photography is such an important part of all of our lives.

~ Astrid and René ~

The amazing people that helped create this very special day:

Wedding Planner – Mary Hines
Videography – AMC Video
Fabulous entertainment – Robert Williamson Music
SUPER FUN photo booth – Photo Mingle
Venue – Mediterra Naples

And don’t forget to watch some slideshow LOVE! 🙂