Wow….where to begin! I was going to try and present Jo and Kelly’s henna ceremony and their traditional Indian ceremony together as one blog post, but it’s not going to happen. With so many wonderful moments of these two very special days, Jo and Kelly’s wedding blog post is going to be split into 3 posts with the first being their henna ceremony.

I’m not going to say much about this part of the blog post other than to say that it was a tremendous honor to be part of Jo and Kelly’s wedding festivities. Not only did we get to photograph some amazing details, but being able to participate in our first Indian wedding was well, nothing short of amazing! From Kelly’s gorgeous traditional Indian gown to the wonderful traditions of their Indian ceremony….the two days we got to spend with Kelly and Jo and their friends and families was unforgetable.

So this post covers the first part of their first day: the traditional henna ceremony. The henna artist was brought in from the East coast and did she do an amazing job! Even the kids received some beautiful henna artwork. And Kelly had her hands and feet bandaged so that the henna wouldn’t smudge for her wedding day…..and the end result was well worth it. Make sure to check back for the second part of this post: Jo and Kelly’s Indian ceremony.