And it’s with great pleasure that we post the last segment of Jo and Kelly’s wedding….as our second-to-the-last blog post of 2011, both Rene and I are quite humbled thinking back on just how lucky we are to be able to share in so many beautiful moments like these.

Photography isn’t just about freezing time. It’s about the people you meet. The experiences you live and the moments that make you who you are. We won’t get all mushy this time around. We’ll save that for our last blog post of the year! đŸ™‚ But we do want to extend a big Thank You to the Raj’s for trusting in our vision and giving us those beautiful experiences!

And a BIG thanks to the 5-star team that we got to work with!

The Strand Country Club, Amanda Fromm
Kakes by Karen
Lyfe of the Party
DJ Pram – Rang Entertainment
Kish Weddings
Sir Daniel and David Frohmberg
Krishna Digital Studio