Our Favorites of 2011

January 2nd, 2012|Flares, Ramblings, Uncategorized|

Before I sat down to write this post yesterday, René and I and the girls went to the pier to get some fresh air and enjoy the first sunset of 2012. Truth be told, I was hoping to find some inspiration for what I would write in this blog post. I'm usually not at a loss for words when it comes time to writing, but

camping at Oscar Scherer State Park

May 4th, 2009|Flares|

It's getting too hot to enjoy camping comfortably down in these parts of Florida. So our last camping trip before summer sets in was a really a wonderful one. We took a week off and headed up to the Oscar Scherer State Part, in Sarasota, Florida, ready to explore our world! What a lovely park! And we had a great camping spot, too. Nice big

ocala: horse capital of the world!

April 23rd, 2009|Flares, Ramblings|

Yes, it's true and we had no idea either! We were totally taken aback at just how lovely, how quaint, how Southern and how unique Ocala really is! I can't believe that I've lived here in Florida almost my whole life and I never made the drive to visit such a hidden Florida jewel. Our wedding was set for Saturday morning so after our meeting

camping (yes, I did say camping) at Myakka River State Park

January 9th, 2009|Flares, Ramblings|

The last time I went camping I was probably 8 years old. My mom, dad, aunt and uncle packed up the ol' station wagon and we set forth, destination Texas and yes, we drove from Naples all the way to Dallas, camping the whole way there. We did camp in actual tents and we stayed in cabins a lot, too. We had a lot of

flare.2 | palm trees.7

December 8th, 2008|Flares|

This Monday wasn't a bad Monday in Naples, Florida. Ali stayed home sick and I stayed home with her. She's on a nebulizer for a cough from Bronchitis. Sounds pretty bad but she's feeling great and doing well. We went on a walk this morning. The day was absolutely perfect. Jewel-blue skies, big white fluffy cotton ball clouds, just enough of a breeze, a bright

the session: flare!

December 3rd, 2008|Flares, Ramblings|

So we've been totally swamped with work (which is always a good thing, right)! And even though we don't shoot a wedding every single weekend, we have been busy with family portraits, holiday card sessions, charity work and children's portraits! Add to that the fact that our weddings don't take a couple of days to edit. We take our time and we create unique works